Our Mission

Since 1994, the Fall Color Festival has been raising funds for trail maintenance and development. We could not have done it without the help from our proud sponsors, a dedicated group of volunteers and a great relationship with the DNR.

The early years

You may remember when trails were closed to mountain bikers across Wisconsin. With a unified group of mountain bikers; one by one the trails were re-opened and a relationship began with the Department of Natural Resources. In 1993, the DNR formed a cooperative agreement with various members of the cycling community to raise $75,000 to secure trail development. The agreement was signed by RIDE, Wheel & Sprocket, Trek Bicycle and the LaGrange General Store. It was determined to raise the promised money through an annual timed mountain bike event to be held on the very land we were working towards, and thus the Fall Color Festival was born. 

First Annual Fall Color Festival

The first event was held on Saturday, October 1, 1994 and raised $7,500. The event featured three different timed events for the various levels of rider abilities and a children's event.

Shelter Building at John Muir

Saturday, June 3, 2000–In celebration of National Trails Day, the Shelter Building at the John Muir trailhead was dedicated today in a special ceremony. Mike Bettinger, LaGrange General Store, cooked-out on the new grill, donated by the DNR. Thanks to all the people who made this event such a huge success.

The shelter was built by a dedicated group of volunteers including: Ken Anderson, Mike Bettinger, Mark Blando, Kristin Branch, Sean Burkey, Dale Carson, John Duchac, Ray Hajewski and his entire Family, Warren Heise, Jon Jerome, Bob Kazmerchek, Chris Kegel, Jerry Kegel, Gary McCarthy and his Daughter Nichole, Sherie and Derek Nelson, Jeff Panosian, Brenda Pamperin, Brad Pope, Kevin Putzke, Harald Schmidt, Mike Skoine, John Siegert, Jason Stollenwerk, Tom Vomastic, James Wamser, Michael Westphall, Tim Zatto.

It was purchased from Cedar Forest Products by the Fall Color Festival and its Proud Sponsors including Trek, the Metro Chapter of Worba, Wheel&Sprocket and the LaGrange General Store.

Donations We Made

June 3, 2000–Shelter Building $24,000
May 3, 2001–LaGrange Fire and Rescue $1,000
July 16, 2001–DNR $10,000
July 26, 2002–Trail Maintenance $4,500 
December 20, 2002–UW Whitewater Team $1,000
February 24, 2003–Tools $375
June 2, 2003–IMBA trail design $3,020 
October 24, 2003–DNR (John Muir Map) $992 
February 4, 2004–UW Whitewater Team $1,000 
May 12, 2004–DNR $7,000 
January 27, 2005–UW Whitewater Team $1,000 
March 28, 2005–Trail Maintenance $4,975
June 1, 2006–Trail Maintenance $4,995
March 1, 2006–Tools $498 
November 10, 2006–UW Whitewater Team $1,500
June 2, 2007–Trail Maintenance $4,995 
November 18, 2007–UW Whitewater Team $1,500
July 8, 2008–Trail Maintenance $4,500
May 3, 2008–Tools $799 
July 8, 2008–Trail Maintenance $4,500 
November 8, 2008–UW Whitewater Team $1,000
Dec 20, 2008–LaGrange Fire and Rescue $1,000
January 8, 2009–Trail Passes for volunteers $280
Feb 1, 2009–IMBA Work on Emma Carlin $1,798 
March 10, 2009–Trail Maintenance $500
July 10, 2009–Trail Maintenance $3,000 
November 8, 2009–UW Whitewater Team $1,000
April 5, 2010 –Trail Maintenance $2,500 
April 18, 2010 –Tools $574 
June 2, 2010 –DNR $781 
August 1, 2010 –DNR (John Muir Map) $551 
October 2, 2010 –Wisconsin Bike Patrol $500 
December 10, 2010–UW Whitewater Team $1,000 
January 11, 201–Trail passes for volunteers $280 
April 11, 2011–Tools $821  
April 11, 2011–Tools (Generator) $432 
June21, 2011–Trail Maintenance $2,500 
February 1, 2012–UW Whitewater Team $500 
June22, 2012–Trail Maintenance $2,500 
Semptember 12, 2012–Plexiglass for Kisok $586 
December 10, 2012–Trail Passes for volunteers $615 
April 5, 2013–Tools $500
July 7, 2014–Trail Maintenance (skills area) $1,000 
Nov 15, 2014–Polaris Ranger UTV $3,500
November 16, 2014–LaGrange Fire and Rescue $500 
November 16, 2014–Wisconsin Bike Patrol $500  
July 1, 2015–Trail Maintenance (skills area) $1,000
Nov 1, 2015–LaGrange Fire and Rescue $500
December 20, 2016–Trail Passes for volunteers $318 
January 1, 2017–Trailer for UTV $4,000 
April 16, 2017–Supplies for trail work $349 
  August 9, 2017–Tools, Cedar Split Rail Fence $618 
December 28, 2017–Trail Passes for volunteers $325
May 5, 2018–Supplies for trail work $525 
August 1, 2018–Tools for trail work $487
2020–Supplies for trail work $1,850
2020–Riding lawnmower maintenance + parts $450
2021–Supplies for trail work $525
2021–Chainsaw parts $100 

Note: Does not include volunteer hours spent on the trails and the FCF,